Tradelink brings your entire business network together When you setup Tradelink in your business network you seamlessly weave the islands of systems being used by various business partners of your (Suppliers, Customers, Financial institutions etc) onto one Platform to conduct various business activities without changing your legacy applications.

intelligent Reporting

EDI on Blockchain

Connect your business partners and their systems using EDI similar protocol on Blockchain. Ensuring faster information transmission accross the network

intelligent Reporting

Smart Contracts driven processees

Smart Contracts enabled Transactions accross business network to ensure trust, transparency & efficiency

intelligent Reporting

Blockchain based working capital

Working capital Financing like packing credit loans, bill discounting, invoice factoring etc using smart contracts on blockchain via Financial institutions or crowd sourcing

intelligent Reporting

Intelligent Reporting & Analytics

Realtime consolidation, reconciliation, fraud detectiona and performance analysis by collation data from legacy systems and blockchain

How it Works?

You need three components from Tradelink to setup your processes, which are simple, quick and efficient way to link your business network and processes.

icon Network Builder
icon Process Builder
icon App Connector

Bring your business network on Blockchain

  • Simple Google forms like setup of Tradelink node.

  • Invite your Business partners (Suppliers/Customers) to join your network.

  • Receive Notification once they Join your Network.

  • Search from 100s of Global Public profiles of Customers/Suppliers.


Create or Configure your processes.

  • Pre-configured Libraries of standard business process for various industries.

  • Pick from the standard Libraries and use them as it is or customize them as per your business needs.

  • Create Custom processes and data points on the fly in case they don’t exist on the network library.

  • All the processes are Smart Contract driven to enable trust and transparency amongst business partners.


Implementing Enterprise Applications is a challenge, replacing and implementing a new one is even painful. WE DON’T want you to change, we only deliver convenience.

  • Integrate your product and tradelink Network for data transmission with our off the shelf library of connectors with all the leading ERP/enterprise application companies.

  • Build your own connector and link with our network for any custom application.

  • Track & Monitor network health via our exclusive network health explorer or have it pushed into your enterprise IT Landscape management system



  • Duplicate data entry across various hops in the Blockchain

  • Near Instant settlement of transactions and payments.

  • Real time Blockchain backed account reconciliation.

  • Easy consolidation of MIS and Financial reports at Group level in case of large conglomerates.

  • Smart contract drive transfer pricing norms configuration to manage Holding-Subsidiary transactions network.

  • Aggregation of Branch Accounting & Stock positions in case of spread out organizations at National and Global level.


1500+ Unique Blocks

Use Timeline to plan projects right the first time. See how the pieces fit together so you can spot gaps and overlaps before you start.

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Millions of people around the world have already made xPider the place where their dream happens.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which all industries can use Tradelink?

Any industry which deal with multiple business partners like Suppliers and Customers. However, this Process of automation is successful if you have an AVG daily transaction more than 15 with each individual partner.

Can I connect Tradelink with any legacy application?

Yes, you can integrate it with any application that is possible to integrate with other applications.

Do you mean to say working capital coming to Tradelink banks and financial institution will have challenge on their busines?

No, both will co exists, instead it will open more avenues of business at the bottom of the pyramid. Which is partially server or unserved.

Do I need to give TradeLink access to my servers and my company's data?

No, you don't need to give access to your servers. Rather just consume APIs from TradeLink.

Is it necessary to run a complete hyperledger node in my premises?

While this is suggested, it is not necessary to run your own hyperledger node. You can also opt for BlockChain as a service version of Tradelink.

Can I customize Tradelink protocol as per my company's business requirements?

Yes, every company has a choice to design their own application definitions or use the standard business process libraries defined with best of the breed business practices.

Still have a question? Reach out to us: info@tradelink.network

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